Tournament Ubers UU Kickoff - Round One [289.92$ prizepool currently]

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activity win request, opponent had availability on weekends and didn't further respond after Monday even though they were online yesterday, didn't show up at time I scheduled for today

Declaring activity win vs rip_angel

I’ve tried to organize a time with my opponent but they never accept any time and haven’t responded back to me in over 2 days, proof on their profile
Activty Win Request
I talked with my opponent on Monday and we scheduled for Friday. I was a little late but in the end they never even got online. I tried texting them on Discord, but, the Discord they have listed is outdated, I tried some stuff with the numbers he had listed but nothing worked. I sent them a request on friday and I tried again today. I tried sending a message again today on smogon but he still hasn't been online.
Latest Messeging Attempt
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Last Online

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Discord as seen on Smogon
Discord on Smogon.png

Attempting to send a friend request
His Discord Not Working.png

Attempting Again
(I wasn't sure if maybe he wrote the thing wrong with the numbers so I tried again)
Discord not working after it maybe being the numbers.png
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